Artist Statement

I express myself through painting. For over twenty years my work has focused on representing the intangible and the incorporeal, through painting anonymous “flesh and blood” characters.

I capture, with my camera, images of people whose paths cross my own. Their appearance, colors, gestures and rhythm captivate me and trigger me to grasp the essence of the moment. I transport them to worlds filled with color and light. All characters remain anonymous on the canvas and the observer can identify with them, with their concerns, and with the emotions they convey: loneliness, love, fear, joy, doubt, peace …

I have always worked with sketches and a plan, clear what I was going to paint. However, recently, I have started to change my creative process. I now start to paint without an established plan and I let myself go with what emerges on the canvas. This way surprising outcomes arise, hidden emotions uncover, and I get to go to unexpected places. As much as I seek to reflect certain emotions through painting, I think the paint itself also causes unintended results, new emotions and feelings.

This change in the creative process involves a formal evolution in my painting. My backgrounds have changed from empty colorful backgrounds to much richer and textured surfaces: they have become co-protagonists of the canvas, along with the human figures. My intent is to continue exploring this new path. Breaking with the style for which I am known is scary and challenging at times, but I am excited to move forward and grow as a painter.