June 2014

On Friday June 6th the opening of my second solo Exhibition at Soprafina Gallery (link) will take place, in Boston (55 Thayer st):


You are kindly invited to attend the opening reception from 5.30 to 7.30 pm. The exhibition can be visited from today to June 28th (and perhaps the following week). Friday 6th is First Friday of the month, when all the galleries in the South End area have their opening receptions and people go gallery hopping. It’s fun, don’t miss it! Unfortunately on this occasion I won’t be able to attend myself, so if you go please let me know your opinion. To preview the exhibition use this link: www.soprafina.com


In this exhibition, “INTANGIBLE”, I continue representing my usual themes, the intangible and the incorporeal, through anonymous “flesh and blood” characters. So far my work has mainly focused on the grand existential questions and common concerns to all mankind: the meaning of life, the passage of time, the fear of death.

However, in my most recent work, instead of observing people in the distance and in groups, I’ve approached and isolated them, and I’ve concentrated on their individual feelings, their daily concerns, in their moments of happiness or uneasiness. I continue to pursuing subjects such as love, fear, uncertainty … but also like to zoom into the smaller matters such as a those moments of joy, worry or hesitation that we go through every day:

I jump because I feel alive. I hold my son’s hand. I share a little chat with a friend. I choose my clothes. I doubt of myself. I imagine. I feel the music. I make decisions. I establish my own limits or skip them. I overcome fear. I am optimistic.

Each character of my paintings tells us a story, her own story, or even sometimes our own.



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