About me

Eva NavarroI am a Spanish painter and live and work in Madrid.Ā I studied Fine Arts at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid. Where I really learned to paint was at an Art Academy called Artaquio. There I spent many afternoons. Painting quickly became a passion in my life.

At the beginning of my career, I mainly painted landscapes but, little by little, charactersĀ started sneaking onto the canvasses. The human figure slowly became more and more important, until the day I decided to get rid of the landscapes and make the human figure the protagonist of my paintings. My anonymous characters are only a means to express what really matters to me, which is the intangible, the emotions, the time that vanishes, our existential doubts and worries of everyday life.

My models are real people whose paths cross mine. When I travel – travelling is another great passion- I spend a lot of time taking thousands of photos of people from all over the world,Ā andĀ incorporate them into my particular world.

I feel very fortunate to be able to devote myself to painting. I love what I do and I focus on improving, researching, and learning everyday.

Here Iā€™d like to thank all who support and have accompanied me along the way!